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Hospitality im unkomplizierten Rahmen im Sandsjögården Camping & Lodge in Schwedisch Lapplandng


To the top Hospitality
Hospitality is a core topic at Sandsjögården. We strive to live up to this in a casual, yet professional manner. Thus, our employees are so much more than diligent, invisible holiday resort staff. Among others they are your competent advisers, convivial entertainers, friendly assistants and professional organizers. Our main focus is your wellbeing and your safety. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, whatever your question. We will be glad to help you in the range of our possibilities!

Although the holiday resort is embedded naturally at the shore of lake Sandsjön and thus has a little wild touch to it, a clean and well-tended appearance and a cozy accommodation standard are important to us.

Yet the historical and ecological preconditions are widely incorporated. However, one should never forget that we are located in Europe’s last wilderness after all.

Further we like to point out that we are continuously working on-site.


In fact in spring/early summer for instance, the wood is delivered, that we use to heat the main building, run the log sauna and equip all the fireplaces on-site. At times this may look a little chaotic, until the whole amount of wood is cut down and stored away to fully dry.


The SJG team has daily routines to check the entire outdoor site and public indoor facilities. Besides the standard cleaning and maintenance routines we also collect or clear away anything, that was lost by a guest or didn’t make it to the waste bin.

The service facilities on-site are simple, yet we have a strong focus in terms of cleanliness. During the season we maintain several cleaning turns in the showers, toilets, dishwashing hut, waste station and even in the outhouse toilets.

By the way, the outhouse is a real Swedish tradition. This is the reason, why the outhouse toilets are still in place at Sandsjögården. Actually, to the day they are as good as no longer in use. Nevertheless, the control and cleaning routines still apply there, too in case one or the other likes to stick to this genuine tradition.

In the aftermath of the pandemic  and in a world, that in recent months has put many of our social standards and behaviors to test, we try more than ever and with a great amount of flexibility, to adjust to the new circumstances and requirements of our guests.


We too are constantly implementing “new” behaviors and accepting the changes with an open spirit.


Thus, we strive to have a personal exchange with you in order to define jointly, how your stay at our resort can be matched in the best way and alongside with our resources and possibilities to your needs.


We believe that in these times of change the terms tailormade and individual reach a new and even stronger importance than ever before.

Gastfreundlichekeit und Servicequalität im authentischen, unkomplizierten Rahmen im Sandsjögården Holiday Resort am Sandsjön

Your hosts, Caro & Daniel Schafer and the SJG team warmly welcome you home -
far away from home!

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