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Wer wir sind und was wir tun am schönen Sandsjönsee mit unserer Ferienanlage Sandsjögården in Schwedisch Lappland

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Caro and Daniel Schafer are the company's driving spirit. The Swiss expats, together with their nordic sled dogs, relocated to Swedish Lapland in October 2011. They had a dream of managing their own charming and cozy holiday resort in Europe's last wilderness, while living a life with more quality time for themselves and their dogs. The couple's dream came true at beautiful lake Sandsjön.

The couple’s relocation with their dogs including typical start up and newbie challenges was portrayed by the Swiss national television and broadcast through their popular documentary series “Auf und Davon”.

The six episodes of “Auf und Davon” including the season one year later and 5 years later with each one episode can be watched in the archive of SRF on Youtube.

>> go to Archive of „Auf und Davon“

>> go to Archive of «Auf und Davon Spezial”

In 2014 the Swedish television SVT produced a documentary about the Vindelfjäll region and the people living in this part of the world. The production’s hero was Roger Pontare, a famous Swedish singer, who has his roots and a.o. his Sami roots in the municipality of Sorsele. Caro and Daniel Schafer provided a sled dog team of Greenland dogs for this production​. While filming in the mountains of Ammarnäs and at beautiful lake Sandsjön, the producer decided at short notice to incorporate Caro and Daniel into the documentary. They were filmed as a further story explaining the many reasons why people, in the recent years also increasingly from other countries, decide to move their center of life to the sub arctic region of Europe’s last wilderness. The documentary's name was "Sången från Vindelfjällen".

In 2016 Caro and Daniel’s journey of life took a new, unexpected turn. Many years ago back in Switzerland, they had given up on their dream to start a family. In Swedish Lapland, surprisingly, their wish came true. In June 2016 Joshua was born and it seemed that the decision to relocate to Swedish Lapland was a good one in any aspect of their lives.

Holiday Resort i Sandsjö AB manages the holiday camping & lodge resort Sandsjögården.

The company was founded in February 2013. It is specialised in accommodation, food & beverage, tailormade adventures and acting as small scale travel agent for holiday guests and tourists in our region of Swedish Lapland (Västerbotten Sweden). In the recent years we set up a second pillar, Northern Adventures & Resorts AB, who oversees our small-scale adventures.

The company’s credo is to offer each guest/tourist a tailormade and personal stay, while operating as platform for information, organisation and conducting of adventures.

The personal service begins prior to the guest’s stay, usually with the first contact through our Digital Travel Service and ends with the feedback management after our guest’s departure.

For those guests/travelers, who prefer to move about and explore independent/spontaneous with little to no support, or simply do not wish to make use of our offering in the same range as our lodge guests, the digitization has opened up different possibilities, which have helped to be easily accessible for this type of guests/travelers.


Online booking of accommodations/pitches and self-check-in/payment through Park n’Sleep for camping guests has created new and independent tools for us, which are also climate friendly, given that our piles of paper from back in the days have massively reduced.

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