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Kontaktangaben und Reiseinformationen für deinen Traumurlaub in Sandsjögården Camping & Lodge in Schwedisch Lappland

How to find us


Sandsjögården Holiday Resort

Sandsjö 122
SE-924 92 Blattnicksele



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Travel to us...

You will find us in the southern part of Swedish Lapland, more precisely in the region Västerbotten Sweden.

Sweden has two main north-south routes. In the western inlands it's named the “Inlandsvägen” E45, at the east coast it is the route E4.

We are located by the E45, 30 km north of Storuman and 40 km south of Sorsele.

Korea Bushaltestelle public transport

From Central Europe you can reach Västerbotten Sweden comfortably by train!

You can take the train from southern Sweden through Stockhom to Umeå. From there you can take a train and/or bus connection through Lycksele to Storuman.

We offer a pick-up service for our guests arriving by public transport at one of the nearest bus stops. They are the following: Gunnarn (approx. 20 min. from us), Lomselenäs (2 km from us) or Sandselebron (5 km from us).

Train timetables and fees are available from

For regional bus timetables, please go to and search e.g. from Umeå busstation to one of the mentioned bus stops.

Sonnenuntergang aus dem Flugzeugfenster plane & rental car

Usually you will have to fly through Stockholm to one of the eastern coastal cities in the north, which are Umeå, Skellefteå or Luleå (all approx. 200 – 240 km away from us).


For flight connections from Stockholm Arlanda please look up Norwegian or Skandinavian Airlines.

As an alternative you can choose an inland flight to Lycksele or Arvidsjaur (approx. 100 km away from us).


For flights from Stockholm to Arvidsjaur, Lycksele and Vilhelmina, please go to Populair.

Rental cars usually are available from Europcar, Sixt, Avis, Hertz or Mabi. Upon your request we can also arrange a transfer for an extra cost.

Tip: Book a meeting with our digital travel service if you need support with planning your trip or help with e.g., booking a rental car.

Road Trip Vibes

...with your own vehicle

Coming from the south, the inland north-south route E45 "Inlandsvägen" emanates shortly after Gothenburg. You follow this route northbound until approx. 30 km after Storuman. Lake Sandsjön then appears on the right-hand side. Continue to follow the E45 until you pass the railroad crossing “Sandsjön”. 100 metres after the railoard crossing you turn right and reach us after 200 metres.

If you choose to drive north on the coastal route E4, the easiest way to find us is via Umeå. From there take the E12 V (Blåvägen) in direction of Lycksele and Mo i Rana, all the way to Storuman. From there, continue as mentioned before.

Coming from the north people often search for us in the village of Blattnicksele. Please note that we are located 12 km south of Blattnicksele​ at lake Sandsjön, i.e. arriving at the crossroad 363/E45, when coming from Umeå or Skellefteå on route 363, turn left on the E45 going south in direction of Storuman, Östersund!

Einfahrt zu Sandsjögården Holiday Resort in Schwedisch Lappland im Winter
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